Big Bear Pinball League
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Best in Show Best in Show
Earned for having the top score for a machine in a meet.

Introduced 01/01/2012

Players With This Badge (18)

PlayerDate Earned
Danny Cardiel09/04/2019
Kjrsten Haakand05/17/2019
Anthony Bornia03/20/2019
Ben Janotta08/22/2018
Tim Caughey08/22/2018
James Riisbro05/30/2018
Corrynne Taylor03/21/2018
Ayla Boyle03/07/2018
Matt White02/21/2018
Greg Sandoval Sr.02/07/2018
Andy Hollist10/29/2017
Christina Lindsey10/04/2017
Norman Stepansky09/27/2017
Tom Devaney09/20/2017
AJ Sall09/20/2017
Taylor Tscharanyan09/20/2017
Mike Lindsey09/13/2017
Max Scherer09/13/2017