Big Bear Pinball League
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For best results, print this form in landscape format and turn off headers/footers.

Preplay Sheet: Big Bear Pinball - Fall 2018

Use this form to help record preplay scores. Preplays are used when you have a planned or unplanned absence from a scheduled league meet. Here are some helpful guidelines for doing preplays...

If you have any questions, please ask a league officer for assistance!

Preplay for Date Player Big Buck Hunter Class1812 Creature Cue Ball Cyclone Diner

Preplay for Date Player F-14 Fish Tales FrankThomas Gladiators HighSpeedII Indy 500

Preplay for Date Player Junk Yard Last Action Hero Mustang No Fear Phantom Rescue

Preplay for Date Player Space Shuttle StarTrek NextGen Tee’d Off Terminator 2 Whirlwhind Wipeout

Preplay for Date Player World Cup Soccer